Matching Your Door Handles to Your Decor

Matching Your Door Handles to Your Decor

When redecorating your home, it’s important that every aspect and attention to detail is in-keeping with your home’s aesthetic, working in harmony with your interior design to create a space that flows from one room to the next or reflects a specific room’s personality. 

Your choice of door handles and door knobs is an important component in this process, after all, your doorways are the transitional point between the design of one room to the next, so your door furniture can make all of the difference. 

To help, our More4Doors team have put together some top style tips on matching your door handles to your decor. 

Door Knobs vs Door Handles

The choice between doorknobs versus door handles may come down to how they look in your interior, but each offers their own advantages and differs slightly from the other. 

Door Knobs 

  • Are available in more ornate, decorative designs, generally lending themselves towards older period properties or a vintage style of interior decor. 
  • Though the classic spherical shape is synonymous with doorknobs, they actually come available in a range of different profiles, including oval and egg-shaped variations.
  • As well as the various shapes, you’ll also find doorknobs offer a wide selection of designs to choose from, ranging from subtle aesthetics to statement pieces.

Door Handles

  • Door handles, by default, are much easier to open than doorknobs, offering more grip and surface area to gain a purchase on. 
  • Generally speaking, there’s a greater variety of door handle designs available versus doorknobs, given that the former is the more popular option. This means that you’re more likely to find a door handle style that’s in-keeping with and more suited to your interior design. 
  • Door handles are favourable when you’ve got your hands full! For instance, say you’re carrying a cup of tea and a sandwich, you can’t employ the elbow-and-shove technique with a doorknob. 

Picking the Right Door Furniture

Settling on the right door furniture largely depends on the styling of your home. If your interior design is daring, flamboyant and varies from room to room, it probably makes sense to go with some unique, statement door handles that reflect the design and personality of the room in question. After all, you wouldn’t want a bold, boho-chic confused by clean, modern door furniture, would you? 

On the other hand, if you want to achieve an interior that flows seamlessly from one room to the next, for example, modern, open-plan designs or a Scandi-style home, you’ll want to pick door furniture that ties your living spaces together. 

It’s important to outline the intricacies of your interior during planning and design, deciding which approach is for you and which finishing touches will benefit your living space best. Take a step back and view your project as a whole, plan in which door furniture may fit in which room and even put together a mood board of colours, textures and prints to make sure you’re completely happy with your choice before committing. 

Of course, there’s a wealth of choice out there, and so getting your head around the options on offer can be a little bewildering. To help you gain a better picture and pick the right door handles or doorknobs for your decor, we’ve included some standout styles to explore. 

Door Handle & Door Knob Styles

There are many different styles of door handle and doorknob available on the market, but to save time and confusion, we’ve stuck to the main styles below: 

Lever Handles on Backplates

The classic and most commonly seen kind of door handle consists of a lever handle and backplate, such as the Stellar Door Handle on Plate pictured here. 

This typical style is at home in both traditional and modern interior designs, and its adaptable styling is available in a range of material finishes.

Mortice Doorknobs

The mortice door knob is another adaptable style of door furniture that is able to add those all-important finishing touches to your interior.

This style is available in both modern and traditional stylings, such as the often-seen beehive design seen in the Antique Brass Reeded Mortice Doorknob pictured left. 

The timeless design of the mortice doorknob can prove an attractive yet subtle addition for many homes. 

Lever Handles on Round Roses

Round rose door handles are suitable for a wide range of properties. Their rounded backings are less imposing compared to traditional backing plates, and their subtle stylings can range from minimalistic and modern to more bespoke and standout designs. 

Door handles such as the Art Deco Polished Chrome on Rose pictured above are a great way to introduce some period styling into your home while seamlessly and simultaneously tying in modern touches, appliances and accessories. 

Rim Doorknobs

Rim door knobs are ideal for both traditional and old-fashioned properties and interior styles. 

They’re designed to be used specifically with rim locks while providing a clean and functional finish. Designs such as the Mushroom Rim Knob pictured left are available in a range of material choices to suit a variety of decor styles. 

Got some questions? We answer some of the most often asked queries relating to door handle matching. 

What Kitchen Door Handles Go with Dark Grey Units?

Dark grey units are incredibly popular in interior design and this adaptable neutral has been finding its way into more and more people’s kitchens as a result. When it comes to matching cupboard pull handles and cupboard door knobs, grey’s versatility opens up a huge array of choices. 

Some of our favourites include the high-gloss finish of polished chrome that brings plenty of light and the stylish, monochrome aesthetics of matte black, ideal for a space that oozes cool and contemporary.  

What Colour Door Handle and Letter Box Would Go with A Grey Door?

As we touched upon earlier, grey is hugely popular in interior design at the moment, with many seeing the virtues of this compliant colour, however, it also does wonders for your home’s exterior too.

So, if you do choose to go with a grey exterior door, what door handles and letterboxes go best? Again, using grey as a neutral and playing around with light and dark variants often yields the best results. Polished chrome door handles set things off wonderfully, while a black door handle will work just as well.

What Colour Door Handles Go with White Doors? 

White doors provide a fantastic backdrop to a whole host of door handle colours, whether that’s in your home’s interior or exterior. The best way to decide what to choose for your door is to look at your interior colour choices or the shade of brick on your exterior walls. 

Satin brass and copper door handles perform wonders with warmer hues, while matte black handles and chrome designs work exceptionally well with cooler shades and neutral colours.  

What Colours Go with Black Door Handles?

From sleek and stylish to cool and contemporary and gothic and dramatic, black door handles have a huge scope of interior design themes that they lend themselves towards. 

Many will say to stay away from bold primary colours when using black door handles, but the reality is that they work incredibly well in terms of contrasting and providing a dramatic pop of colour. Brown with black door handles is the only real colour combo we would stay away from, as these two dark colours can get lost in each other. 

What Door Handles for Cottage Style Doors?

Cottage style doors demand a certain type of door handle to make the most of this charming house style’s aesthetics. A glossy, modern piece of door furniture would look entirely out of place, so what should you plump for? 

The rustic, aged charm of pewter door handles and black antique door handles are a match made in heaven with the homely feel of a cottage look, and so adding something along these lines to your interior and exterior doors will most certainly make your home look picture perfect. 

There you have it, some handy pointers and product information on matching your door handle to your decor! If you’re searching for more helpful advice and how to’s, browse among our More4Doors guides.

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