Get the Look: Tropical Interiors

Get the Look: Tropical Interiors

Tropical interiors are incredibly popular at the moment; they work well with a variety of colour schemes both bold and neutral, and they’re a simple-yet-effective means of injecting some energy and eye-catching aesthetics into your interior design.

But what about those all-important finishing touches? Which door handles fit with a tropical style interior? To help you pick out the perfect door furniture, we’ve put together a few of our favourite door colours and the products that will bring out the best in your botanical-inspired decor. 

Green Doors

One of the most predominant hues in any tropical colour scheme, it makes sense that painting your doors in a complementary shade of green goes great in tropical-themed interiors. 

When it comes to matching door handles with a green door, there are several colour finishes that you can choose between. Which you go for depends on the accent colours of your room; if you’re working with darker shades then why not go for a bold, contrasting matte black door handle against the green? 

If you’ve opted for warmer hues around your tropical theme, the likes of a copper door handle or a gold knurled handle will look great against a green backdrop.

Dark Blue Doors

Blue and green look great side by side, with many tropical wallpaper prints employing navy and other dark shades of blue as a backdrop to plenty of lush, green foliage. With this in mind, carrying these dark blue colourways over to your interior doors is a no brainer! 

Gold, brass handles and antique brass and bronze door handles all pair perfectly with rich blue shades; we would also recommend going for something that has a little texture, making the door handle pop out from the dark background. 

Handles such as the Picadilly Knurled Door Handle in Satin Brass incorporate an eye-catching finish, making the design stand out among your decor. 

Black Doors

One means of making your tropical prints and accent colours stand out and add to the overall feel of the room is to break up bold, bright hues with the addition of black interior doors. 

Black doors add a stylish, dramatic feel to any room, and they work well with a huge number of door handle styles too. The best approach is to mirror the aesthetics of a black door in your choice of door furniture, we recommend something sleek, contemporary and stylish such as a satin brass door handle.

Again, following a similar approach to dark blue doors, choosing a handle that also offers your interior a different textural feel will add another dimension to your tropical interior’s decor. We’re big fans of designs such as the Carlisle Brass Varese Knurled Door Handle on a black door, with its sharp lines, tactile finish and warm hues that work well alongside tropical interiors.

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