Choosing the Right Door Handles for Your Doors

Choosing the Right Door Handles for Your Doors

Door handles aren’t something we shop for every day, so it’s important to get your decision right when the time for buying handles does come around. As this is a seldom made purchase, you’ll want to settle on a door handle that not only stands the test of the time but one that also looks the part and is in-keeping with the aesthetics of your home’s interior. 

Our team at More4Doors are the experts in all things door handles, doorknobs and door furniture, and during our 14 years of operation, we’ve dealt with all manner of queries concerning doors, from decorating tips to DIY. This makes us well placed to offer you some stellar advice on choosing the right door handles for your doors, so read on below! 

Deciding on Your Door Furniture

Something as subtle as a change of door furniture can make all of the difference to your home’s interior, whether that’s refreshing cupboard handles or giving your interior doors a facelift. 

Of course, if you’re purchasing your doors from brand new, you’ll need to invest in your own door furniture anyway. It’s a common misconception that, when purchasing a door, it comes with the handles, hinges, locks and latches included – this isn’t the case. These items must be purchased separately, however, the upside of this is that you can finish your door to your own exacting standards and specific interior design. 

When deciding on door furniture, there are certain criteria that you need to consider when it comes to making your home flow.

  • Style

Top of the list for many, style is an important factor when it comes to picking your door furniture. Tying in the style of the room’s decor and doors with the finishing touches of a handle or doorknob can make all of the difference to your home’s aesthetic. 

You should reflect the style of your interior design in your choice of door furniture, e.g. if your decor is contemporary, you shouldn’t choose an antique or traditional style of handle or doorknob.

  • Function

It’s all well and good having a door that looks the part, but it doesn’t fulfil its basic purpose, then what’s the point? Functionally speaking, we need doors to do just three things: open, close and stay shut. The ease with which you can perform these functions can matter a great deal in everyday life. 

You should think about which door furniture offers you the best functionality, however, this often boils down to aesthetics too. A door handle generally offers a better grip versus a doorknob, but a doorknob may serve your interior’s design better.

  • Material

You should also consider the materials used in both your doors and the door furniture. There’s a huge array of materials to choose from out there, and whichever you decide on will have a direct impact on the decor of your home. 

For example, wooden handles will blend more with your door while metallic handles will stand out and make more of a statement. 

  • Finish

As well as the material you’ll need to choose for your door and door furniture, you also need to think about the finish too. Much like the door’s material, the finish also has a huge effect on the overall aesthetic of your interior. 

Most handles and doorknobs will offer the buyer a choice of finishes, for instance, you’re able to choose between a polished chrome or satin finish with metallic door handles. The right fit for your home will depend on whether you want a high-shine finish with the likes of chrome or the lower sheen of satin. 

It’s also a good idea to tie in any appliances or fittings with your door handles too, for example, if you have a black cast iron fire surround, polished chrome will look incredibly out of place. Instead, make sure that everything in your interior is in-keeping and plump for the likes of a matte black door handle instead. 

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