Door Knobs

As the finishing touch to your cupboards or doors, the right door knobs can make all the difference, so why not show off your interior flair and order your new cupboard door knobs from More4doors today!  Choose from our extensive range of mortice door knobs and round door handles and watch your doors come alive.  From traditional brass to ultra modern copper and everything in between, including the ever popular satin chrome door knobs, you’ll be spoilt for choice with this range of mortice door knobs and round door handles. Not sure on type? We provide an entire range of door knobs to choose from. 


Mortice Knobs - A mortice knob is added to operate a mortice lock or latch. These are often featured in traditional designs. 


Rim Door Knobs - A rim knob suits a door with a rim lock. This device is attached the surface of the door instead of being added inside the wood of the door. 


Front Door Centre Knobs - Traditional homes often feature a centre door knob on the front exterior door. Rather than placing the knob at the side of the door, the knob is situated in the centre. This can add style and a classic feel to the exterior of the home. 


Door Knobs On Backplate - These styles of door knobs feature long rectangular back plates, adding long lasting style to your door. 


Beehive Door Knobs - These antique inspired styles offer a more traditional design. Featuring a reeded shape, similar to a beehive, this type of door knob can bring a touch of vintage into the home. 


Why is it called a Queen Anne door knob? Queen Anne door knobs and Queen Anne interior design derive from the early 1700s, during the time of Queen Anne's reign of England. It was during this period that a number of interior styles became popular and are still used to this day. Queen Anne door knobs often feature reeded or beehive patterns, patterns which increased in demand during her monarchy, hence the naming after her.

Struggling to choose which mortice door knobs are for you?  Don’t worry, we are here to help, simply contact our friendly team on 01253 407 447 who are ready and waiting with free expert advice.