Sash & Dead Locks

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If you’re looking for next level security then deadlocks and sash locks are for you.  Both are slightly different in functionality but equally as effective. Doors with deadlocks require a mortice lock and will only remain closed when locked by key, whereas, sash locks include a latch as well as a mortice lock therefore when a door with sash locks is pushed closed it will remain closed as the latch (the triangular piece of metal on show that is operated by the handle) will then sit flush inside the frame.  Deadlocks are extremely popular for additional security as top or bottom locks, but don’t worry, there's no need for multiple keys, simply choose the “keyed alike” option and we can provide a one key fits all system.

For more information on our deadlocks and sash locks, simply call our friendly team on 01253 407 447 for expert help and advice.  Alternatively, take a look at our door handles, door locks and door hinges for more inspiration.