Door Handles For Teal & Copper Decor

Our living rooms are a space in which we do exactly that; live. From eating to socialising and relaxing to dining, the living room must perform as a multifunctional space while remaining warm, cosy and inviting at the same time. 

A huge part of achieving this adaptable space is your colour scheme. It’s important that you include rich, warm tones that allow you to relax, all without being too garish or complex that it distracts from your interior and disrupts the effect you’re hoping to realise. 

One of our favourite living room colour combinations that brings all of this together is teal and copper. The rich, lavish shades of teal with the warm, rusty hues of copper make for an eye-catching combo, but what should you do when it comes to your doors? The answer is simple… Antique brass! Below we’ve compiled some of our favourite antique brass doorknobs and antique brass door handles for teal and copper decor, to complete the feel of your versatile living space.


Door Knobs


Fulton & Bray FB306FB Ringed Reeded Style Concealed Fix Mortice Knobs - Florentine Bronze


Door Handles


For more door handles for teal and copper decor, browse our entire collection of contemporary door handles and mortice door knobs here at More4doors. 

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