Get The Look: Scandinavian Decor

One of the most popular interior design schemes chosen for homes and living spaces, Scandinavian decor boasts an essence of serenity, simplicity and cosiness. 

Ever-popular due to the combination of styling practicality with a calm and de-cluttered nature, typically Scandinavian interiors have a focus on craftsmanship, materials and clean lines that favour light and elegance.

Incorporating a pastel palette with black and white contrast, Scandinavian style uses natural materials and maximises use of natural light to create bright and airy spaces, mainly featuring open plan layouts and multi-use rooms.

The expert team at More4doors have put together this helpful guide, sharing interior design ideas for how you can get the Scandinavian look in your home. 

Lines and curves

Scandinavian furniture and interiors feature clean but subtle lines and curves, creating a modern look that’s stylish yet welcoming.

Round mirrors, seats and tables are popular, while Scandinavian rugs and pieces of wall art traditionally feature light geometric patterns and shapes to contrast. 

When aiming for Scandinavian themed lines and curves in your home, opting for round door handles is the perfect way to add the finishing touch to make your room complete.

Our range of door handles on round rose is ideal, providing curves and an element of simplicity that oozes modern Scandinavian style. 

If you’d rather opt for door knobs, our range of beehive door knobs are the perfect match for round furnishings, contrasting well with rectangular door frames for a Scandinavian look.

Black contrasts

Scandinavian home decor mainly uses a pastel palette consisting of peach tones with subtle greens and greys, taking elements of black to create a contrast and add a clean look of simplicity and modernism.

Whether it’s by adding black table legs and lamps or updating your door accessories to black ones, decorating with splashes of black effectively makes your home appear more sophisticated and prevents block colours from looking too much.

Matte black door handles and matte black door knobs are a great choice when it comes to choosing modern door handles. The matte finish instantly makes any door appear more modern, offering a slimline design that plays a big part in Scandinavian decor.

Furnish your entire door with matte black hinges for a door full of matte black accessories.

For tips and advice on the wider use of black and white, take a look at our monochrome interiors guide.

Combining wood with metal

Scandinavian designs use a variety of different wood and metal elements together, creating a contrast that appears sleek and sophisticated.

A recent trend, Scandinavian decor features wooden furnishings and metallic finishes; most frequently, wooden tables and chairs with metal legs or wooden cupboards with metal draw knobs and feet.

Changing door furnishings and handles to suit this combination is an effective way to add more Scandinavian goodness to your home.

From choosing wooden door knobs and handles to stainless steel ones, combining wood with metal provides a more contemporary Scandinavian style.

Creating a room that radiates serenity, light and modern simplicity is key to achieving the Scandinavian look. 

Browse More4door’s full range of door handles and door knobs today to discover the perfect door pieces for your home.

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