How to Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

How to Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

Refreshing the kitchen of your home can be a daunting prospect. It’s an area of the house which is generally viewed as an expensive project and one of those “big jobs” that you have to build-up to and save towards. 

On average, the cost of a brand new kitchen in the UK can range from £5k to £14k.*

That being said, there are ways in which you can breathe new life into your space without breaking the bank. 

We know that appliances and worktops are seen as big game, and a lick of paint and accessories only get you so far, so here are our More4Doors tips for updating your kitchen on a budget. 

Refresh Your Cupboard Furniture

The key factor here is refreshing your cupboards without spending a fortune. Sounds simple, right? As basic as this option is, it’s budget-friendly and you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes to your kitchen. 

Cupboard furniture is both a creative and cost-effective means of upgrading your kitchen on a budget, with the inclusion of just the right style of cupboard door knobs and pull handles, you’re able to achieve a fresh new look in a matter of minutes. 

Whether you’re looking to add splashes of colour or subtle changes in texture, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with a quick change of cupboard furniture. 

To give you a little interior inspiration, we’ve picked out some of our favourite door knobs and handles that can update your kitchen in an instant. 

Cupboard Door Knobs

Door knobs for cupboards come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and they can be as ornate or inconspicuous as you wish. Thankfully, the huge range of cupboard door knobs available means that you’re sure to find the right fit for your kitchen whatever your budget or interior’s style. 

Here’s a selection below: 

Fingertip Art Deco Style Cabinet Knob

Art Deco is bang on trend at the moment, so why not introduce accents of this style into your kitchen? 

With clean geometric shapes and eye-catching use of materials and design, Art Deco cupboard knobs can soon add an element of sophisticated class to any kitchen. 

The Art Deco Cupboard Knob finished in nickel is among our favourites here at More4Doors.

Valley Forge Pewter Patina Cabinet Knob

If you’re looking to employ a more rustic approach, you can’t go far wrong with this stunning Valley Forge Pewter Patina Cabinet Knob

Pewter is as attractive as it is hard-wearing, and a pewter cupboard knob will be right at home in a selection of kitchens. 

Frelan Burlington Berkeley Cupboard Knob

There’s no denying it, the Frelan Burlington Berkeley Cupboard Knob in antique brass is a stunning example of cupboard furniture. 

This is definitely a must for those who enjoy the details, and you’ll find it available in a range of finishes including dark bronze and polished nickel to fit seamlessly with many styles. 

Cupboard Pull Handles

Pull handles for cupboards are a great alternative to cupboard knobs, they’re preferred by many thanks to offering a larger surface area to grab hold of, and as is the case with knobs, they also come in a huge array of shapes and styles. 

Some of our favourites include: 


Fingertip Art Deco Pull Handle

Another Art Deco inclusion, the Fingertip Pull Handle in polished chrome is a fantastic addition to any kitchen.

It works especially well with retro fridges and stainless steel appliances, allowing you to add in flashes of French-inspired style to your space. 

Arco Cabinet Pull Handle

If contemporary, clean lines are more your thing, look no further than the Arco Cabinet Pull Handle

Available in polished chrome and brushed nickel finishes, this modern, eye-catching handle will prove a welcome addition and instant aesthetic update to a variety of kitchen styles. 

Pewter Fleur de Lys Pull Handle

Fans of French period style or gothic-inspired interior design are sure to love this stunning Pewter Fleur de Lys Pull Handle.

As much as its appearance gives a nod to ages gone by, the high-quality pewter finish means that this handle can be blended seamlessly into a whole slew of kitchen styles. 

If you’re looking for more advice and inspiration akin to updating your kitchen on a budget, browse our More4Doors guide section by clicking here

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