Get the Look: Art Deco Interiors

Get the Look: Art Deco Interiors

Art Deco has long been a popular style for both the interior and exterior of homes all over the world. It first appeared in France shortly after the First World War, though it rose in popularity between the 1920s and 1940s. 

Following World War II, Art Deco decreased in popularity, but these days it’s back with a bang and enjoying something of a resurgence with homeowners the world over. 

What is Art Deco?

Derived from the French ‘Arts Décoratifs’, Art Deco is instantly recognisable thanks to its bold geometric shapes, ornate design and vibrant use of colours. Though in its original incarnation it was around for a relatively short amount of time, its influence on the world of architecture, art, clothing and design among other industries is unprecedented. 

Famous structures such as the Chrysler Building and Rockefeller Center in New York and Chicago’s Tribune Headquarters are all fine examples of Art Deco architecture, and features of their Art Deco design can be seen echoed in interiors and exteriors to this day, namely with the use of chrome plating, steels and bold geometry. 

These fashionable new materials and techniques mirrored the advances in aviation, cruise liners, sky-scrapers and up-and-coming technology of the time.

Modern Art Deco

These days, Art Deco is incredibly popular with modern homeowners, particularly concerning the doors and windows of their home’s. Decorative elements that are seen so often in Art Deco designs, such as glass and steel, lend themselves perfectly to being paired with dark wood, concretes and many other components of modern interior design trends. 

When concerning doors, bold panels and geometric glass are recurring more and more often in designs, as are the complementary materials of chrome and steel. So, how can you introduce the Art Deco design trend into your interior? 

We’ve put together a selection of our favourite Art Deco door furniture to help you get the look. 

Carlisle Art Deco Style Door Handles

With its symmetrical lines and polished chrome finish, the Carlisle Art Deco Style Door Handle is the embodiment of this period’s style. 

The stepped edge plate stands out for all of the right reasons against the woodwork of your door, and you’ll find that this understated-yet-stylish door handle is at home in both traditional and contemporary spaces.

Carlisle Brass Art Deco Door Knob On Backplate - Polished Chrome

For a matching door knob, our Carlisle Brass Art Deco Door Knob on Backplate is ideal for a period look. Combine with the matching handle above for a complimenting aesthetic on doors within any room of your home. 

Matte Black Contempo Period Door Handle 

If you’re looking for something a little more contemporary yet no less eye-catching, adding the Matte Black Contempo Period Handles to your doors is a smart move.

This finely finished door handle gives off heaps of 1930s style while it also seamlessly ties into decors both modern and traditional. The Contempo Period model is beautifully engineered with an angle cut handle and intricate stepped design, it’s these little details that make all of the difference.

Forme Polished Nickel 'Alila' Lever on Square Minimal Rose

Stylish, reserved and classically Art Deco, this Italian-designed and manufactured door handle ticks all of the right boxes. If you’re looking for a model that marries thoughtful design with an unparalleled finish, look no further than the Forme Polished Nickel 'Alila' Lever on Square Minimal Rose

The combination of Italian elegance and bold Art Deco geometry sits at home in a range of interior styles.

Remember, for a wider range of stunning Art Deco products, don’t forget to browse our dedicated Art Deco door handles collection. For more handy style tips and informative advice, check out our More4Doors guides.

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