Ultimate Guide To Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Handles


Admittedly they might not be at the forefront of your design plans, but your cabinet door handles will encounter a fair amount of interaction as you make use of your kitchen. Plus they’re always on show, so it’s important to find a style that is visually flattering and complementary to your decor.

Consult this guide to choose a handle that complements both your lifestyle and your kitchen’s aesthetic. 

Things to Consider When Selecting Handles

The number of handles available on the market can appear quite overwhelming, so we’ve provided some rough criteria to help you narrow down your search.

- Style - Yes, practicality is important but door handles also invite an extra opportunity to embellish your kitchen. Are you going for a traditional feel? Contemporary? Luxury? Keep your desired vision in mind when approaching even the smallest elements to ensure cohesion across the board, the devil is in the details after all...

- Materials - Surprisingly, the material of the door handle can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your interior. For example, choose metal for a glossy contemporary feel or wood for a more natural vibe. It’s also essential that the material can be cleaned efficiently to upkeep the kitchen’s hygiene.


- Placement and Accessibility -  Are the handles ergonomic? The shape and measurements should all work in your favour so you can use your cupboards with ease. This is especially important if you have any accessibility requirements - for example, if you have difficulty with grip, it would be advisable to stay away from small, fiddly door knobs or handles with only slight hand gaps. 

Different Types of Cabinet Handle


See below for a quick breakdown of different kitchen cabinet handles. Keep it coherent or experiment with mix and match combinations. You may find certain handles are better suited to pull-out drawers than they are to cupboard doors - it’s ultimately up to you!


Styles of Kitchen Handles

- T-Bar Handle - These handles are streamlined, easy to grip and give a modern, yet robust feeling to a room. 

- Bow Handle - Similar to the T-Bar in terms of the streamlined design, but curved for a softer, elegant finish.

- Cup Handle - Typically made of metal and seen in a semi-circle design, these handles are very sturdy making them great for pulling heavier furniture. 

- Knob Handle - Traditionally rounded but can appear in geometric and ornamental shapes too.


Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Handles to Complement your Decor

Whether you already have a specific colour scheme to adhere to or you’re simply seeking inspiration, take a look at some of our suggestions for coordinating your cabinet handles to your kitchen’s decor.

Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Grey is a popular decor choice for a reason, cool and neutral-toned, it’s a great choice to set a pop of colour against or to embrace a more monochromatic scheme. 

A glossy, polished chrome coloured door handle could make a great addition as it ties with the grey, whilst the sheen of the material eliminates any chance of your kitchen feeling flat. The T-Bar Pull Handle Polished Chrome JV515PC is a great example of this. 


Blue Kitchen Cabinets 

If you’re feeling a little more daring and opting for a blue scheme there are several routes you could go down. Perhaps embellish a deeper, regal blue cabinet with these Art Deco Cupboard Knob 30mm Satin Nickel Finish handles. The simple geometric patterns cast into the satin nickel will introduce the elegance of the art deco period into your living space. 

Alternatively, a softer, powder blue could be complemented by a rose gold or copper accent such as this 300mm Rose Gold (Copper) 19mm dia. Bolt Through Pull Handle for a lighter and breezier feel.

Green Kitchen Cabinets

Green and other earth-toned decors are a great opportunity to welcome a rustic or antique feel into your home. This Valley Forge Pewter Patina Hammered Cabinet Knob instantly gives a feeling of handmade authenticity to your cabinets. 

A Cupped Cabinet Drawer Pull handle is also a popular choice, especially when considering handles for a pull-out drawer. The polished brass finish is particularly flattering against a green colour scheme. 

Black Kitchen Cabinets 

If you’ve opted for a black kitchen colour scheme, you likely value a sophisticated aesthetic. The Frelan Burlington Satin Brass Piccadilly Knurled Cabinet Pull Handle provides a hint of opulence and matching Burlington Piccadilly Knurled Cupboard Knob handles are available so you can effortlessly tie your kitchen together. Both are practical as well as stylish. 

The satin brass finish especially stands out against the darkness and gives it that extra luxury touch.

White Kitchen Cabinets 

The blank canvas of a white kitchen is ideal for curating a bright, refreshing space. This Ponte Cabinet Pull Handle is a playful take on the traditional pull handle. Finished in either brushed nickel or polished chrome, these handles give a contemporary feel whilst remaining sleek and easy to use (and easy to clean!)

The nifty thing about cabinet handles is that they don’t have to remain set in stone, you can switch them up at any point and change the feel of your room with relatively minimal effort. 

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