Kitting Out A Summer House

Kitting Out A Summer House

A summer house makes for the perfect retreat right in your own back garden. There are no rules or limits to how this space should be decorated, your home away from home can be finely tailored to fit your lifestyle and unique style preferences.

More4doors’ guide for furnishing a summer house focuses on what we do best, covering those final details and security measures that tie everything together and make a house, a home.

What is a Summer House?

A summer house is a structure typically situated in your garden, detached from your home. Think of it as an advanced shed that is geared towards being utilised for leisurely or professional activities, rather than simply used for storage. 

Many choose to place their summer houses in a tucked away, sheltered area, this emphasises the feeling of escaping to a little rural retreat away from the main house. 

You can use this space however you please, utilise this space as a relaxing studio, office space or a buzzing hub to gather with friends and family!

What to put in a Summer House

When it comes to furnishing a summer house you should decide the desired atmosphere you intend to convey and build around this idea. 

Summer house interior ideas

If you’re seeking out summer house furniture ideas,  incorporating a few home comforts into the space to give it a more relaxed, inviting cabin-like feel is a great starting point. Comfy cushions, rugs, soft lamps, tables and chairs are great for curating a welcoming space ready to settle into. 

Once the essentials are established, start to cater to your specific wants and needs. Is it the kind of space that requires an office desk to work at, or a minibar to impress guests with? Do you want to keep the wooden, countryside vibe, or would you like to achieve a more modern aesthetic by switching up colours and surface finishes?


Sometimes having a smaller space forces you into becoming more creative with your use of space. Cleverly fitted or strategically placed draws and cupboards are a great way to keep your essentials on hand without cluttering the limited space around you. 

If you are contending with a wooden summer house or wooden summer house furniture, be sure to select hinges, handles and locks that can be sensibly bolted with wood screws.

Summer House Doors

Cleverly selecting the right doors for your summer house can make a huge impact on the feel, lighting, openness of the space. It’s also important to choose a door that you find easy to use and access. 

Summer House French Doors 

French doors swing outwards, giving the illusion of more space. A veranda could be installed and furnished with exterior furniture, plants or features like a barbeque to gather around.

These kinds of doors will typically require a lever door handle that can be pulled up and down to open the latch.  For a rustic, countryside vibe stick to simple brass, gold or pewter variations. A striking matte black could however make a great addition to a more contemporary style summer house such as a home office. 

Summer House Sliding Doors

For summerhouse sliding doors or summerhouse bifold doors, it’s advisable to gravitate towards a handle that is easy to grasp hold of as it may need to be pulled with some force.

For this reason, you’d want something comfortable ergonomically. This may take shape in a spacious pull handle which provides an alcove for the hand to get a firm grip of. Flush Fitting Handles include these features and are designed to sit into sliding and pocket doors. 

How to Secure a Summer House

It’s natural to be wary about intruders entering your space, this is only escalated if your summer house is out of view or you have important equipment in there. For maximum security consider installing summer house door locks.

A Cylinder Lock could be installed, and if you have double doors a secure Door Bolt is also advisable to include, as this will strengthen the doors’ resistance to any impact. A simple Nightlatches that can be deadlocked from the outside and only opened in conjunction with a specific key are another great option. 

Thieves can sometimes overcome keyhole locks, so if you have valuable items inside Digital Door Locks could be useful. Only those with the knowledge of your chosen passcode will be able to enter. 

For maximum protection, make sure that the door hinges are also sturdy and reliable to avoid being popped off in a break-in. Check that they are suitable to be attached to the wood of the summer house for the best, long-lasting results. 


Now that you’ve been spoiled with summer house interior ideas, why not put them into action and create your very own garden getaway?

For further advice on how to get the most out of your spaces and truly enhance your environments, make sure to browse through our plethora of More4doors guides and uncover more of our nifty tips and tricks.
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