UK’s Most Popular Kitchen Trends

Kitchens, as we know, can come in all shapes, colours and sizes. From chic and contemporary to rustic and traditional, there’s a kitchen design for everyone’s taste. 

But which is the most popular? 

We take a look at some of the most common searches for kitchen colours, designs and layouts and what’s been most in-demand over the last 12 months. 

Popular Kitchen Colours

Colour plays a huge part in any kitchen decor, whether it be a modern aesthetic or something more classic. According to recent data, these are the most popular searches for kitchen colours over the past 12 months.  


 Search Term

No. Of Searches

Grey Kitchen


Blue Kitchen


White Kitchen


Green Kitchen


Black Kitchen


Cream Kitchen


Pink Kitchen


Red Kitchen


Purple Kitchen


Orange Kitchen


 Average Monthly Searches (UK)


Grey kitchens were the most popular for those looking for colour inspiration, closely followed by blue, white and green, which also came out on top. 

The least popular shades amongst UK searchers for kitchen colours were orange and purple, with minimal searches for these bold shades over the last 12 months. 



Popular Kitchen Styles

When deciding upon a look for a kitchen, there are various designs to take inspiration from. In recent years, we have seen a vast number of must-have trends when it comes to kitchen styling. 

Search Term No. Of Searches
Wood Kitchen 40,500
Modern Kitchen 22,200
Shaker Kitchen 14,800
Country Kitchen 9,900
Colourful Kitchen Ideas 9,900
Farmhouse Kitchen 6,600
Oak Kitchen 6,600
Luxury Kitchen 4,400
Retro Kitchen 3,600
Vintage Kitchen 2,900
Rustic Kitchen 2,900
Industrial Kitchen 2,900

 Average Monthly Searches (UK)


Search trends have shown that in the last 12 months, ‘wood kitchen’ was a highly popular term, as was ‘modern’ and ‘shaker’. 

Surprisingly, ‘industrial’ was one of the least popular search trends when it came to kitchen design, a look that has been a key trend in recent years. 



Popular Kitchen Layouts

As well as selecting a colour and a design, there’s also a layout to consider too. Long, narrow kitchens were once a common sight in many properties, but now it seems we’re opting for more spacious open plan designs, something seen quite often in new-build homes. 


 Search Term No. Of Searches
Open Plan Kitchen 8,100
L Shaped Kitchen 4,400
U Shaped Kitchen 3,600
Long Kitchen Ideas 1,000
One Wall Kitchen 1,000

Average Monthly Searches (UK)


Data has shown that ‘open plan kitchen’ has been a popular search term during the past 12 months, much more so than ‘long kitchen ideas’, which saw much less interest in the same period. 

Along with this, we’ve also seen a high number of searches for L shaped and U shaped kitchen, showing a rise in the uptake in those wanting kitchen islands and breakfast bars, which have also seen staggering searches in recent months too. 

Search Term No. Of Searches
Kitchen Island 110,000
Breakfast Bar 135,000

Average Monthly Searches (UK)


Creating A Must Have Kitchen

So it seems that grey, wood and open plan are the key elements of an on-trend kitchen, but how do you recreate this must-have aesthetic? Of course, ripping out your current one and installing an entirely new kitchen is the most popular option. But if your cabinets are in pretty good shape, there’s also the option of painting over your cupboards in a shade of grey, saving you the trouble of buying and installing an entirely new kitchen. 

As well as painting your cabinets, we of course recommend updating your doors with some fresh handles too. Whether you opt for door pull handles, cup-shaped cupboard knobs or beehive door knobs, we suggest chrome, pewter and satin brass finishes, which pair perfectly with grey cabinet doors. 

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