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UK’s Most Popular Kitchen Trends

Kitchens, as we know, can come in all shapes, colours and sizes. From chic and contemporary to rustic and traditional, there’s a kitchen design for everyone’s taste. 

But which is the most popular? 

We take a look at some of the most common searches for kitchen colours, designs and layouts and what’s been most in-demand over the last 12 months. 

Popular Kitchen Colours

Colour plays a huge part in any kitchen decor, whether it be a modern aesthetic or something more classic. According to recent data, these are the most popular searches for kitchen colours over the past 12 months.  


 Search Term

No. Of Searches

Grey Kitchen


Blue Kitchen


White Kitchen


Green Kitchen


Black Kitchen


Cream Kitchen


Pink Kitchen


Red Kitchen


Purple Kitchen


Orange Kitchen


 Average Monthly Searches (UK)


Grey kitchens were the most popular for those looking for colour inspiration, closely followed by blue, white and green, which also came out on top. 

The least popular shades amongst UK searchers for kitchen colours were orange and purple, with minimal searches for these bold shades over the last 12 months. 



Popular Kitchen Styles

When deciding upon a look for a kitchen, there are various designs to take inspiration from. In recent years, we have seen a vast number of must-have trends when it comes to kitchen styling. 

Search Term No. Of Searches
Wood Kitchen 40,500
Modern Kitchen 22,200
Shaker Kitchen 14,800
Country Kitchen 9,900
Colourful Kitchen Ideas 9,900
Farmhouse Kitchen 6,600
Oak Kitchen 6,600
Luxury Kitchen 4,400
Retro Kitchen 3,600
Vintage Kitchen 2,900
Rustic Kitchen 2,900
Industrial Kitchen 2,900

 Average Monthly Searches (UK)


Search trends have shown that in the last 12 months, ‘wood kitchen’ was a highly popular term, as was ‘modern’ and ‘shaker’. 

Surprisingly, ‘industrial’ was one of the least popular search trends when it came to kitchen design, a look that has been a key trend in recent years. 



Popular Kitchen Layouts

As well as selecting a colour and a design, there’s also a layout to consider too. Long, narrow kitchens were once a common sight in many properties, but now it seems we’re opting for more spacious open plan designs, something seen quite often in new-build homes. 


 Search Term No. Of Searches
Open Plan Kitchen 8,100
L Shaped Kitchen 4,400
U Shaped Kitchen 3,600
Long Kitchen Ideas 1,000
One Wall Kitchen 1,000

Average Monthly Searches (UK)


Data has shown that ‘open plan kitchen’ has been a popular search term during the past 12 months, much more so than ‘long kitchen ideas’, which saw much less interest in the same period. 

Along with this, we’ve also seen a high number of searches for L shaped and U shaped kitchen, showing a rise in the uptake in those wanting kitchen islands and breakfast bars, which have also seen staggering searches in recent months too. 

Search Term No. Of Searches
Kitchen Island 110,000
Breakfast Bar 135,000

Average Monthly Searches (UK)


Creating A Must Have Kitchen

So it seems that grey, wood and open plan are the key elements of an on-trend kitchen, but how do you recreate this must-have aesthetic? Of course, ripping out your current one and installing an entirely new kitchen is the most popular option. But if your cabinets are in pretty good shape, there’s also the option of painting over your cupboards in a shade of grey, saving you the trouble of buying and installing an entirely new kitchen. 

As well as painting your cabinets, we of course recommend updating your doors with some fresh handles too. Whether you opt for door pull handles, cup-shaped cupboard knobs or beehive door knobs, we suggest chrome, pewter and satin brass finishes, which pair perfectly with grey cabinet doors. 

Data Sources: 

  • Craig Scully

Introducing: New & Exclusive Knurled Door Knobs

At More4doors, we're always looking for new, unique designs to bring to our range and our latest release is our most exciting by far!


Exclusive Designs

Our brand new design is a stunning knurled door knob, available in both matte black or satin brass. This latest offering is a unique style with limited availability here in the UK. 

The industrial style knurled handles have been a huge hit over the past 12 months, so we thought we'd give our customers a brand new style that complements our knurled handles and fits in perfectly with any contemporary, industrial style interior. 



These chic, on-trend designs are featured in either a stunning satin brass or an equally beautiful matte black. Ideal for any modern decor aesthetic. Both are made from solid brass and refined by hand for a highly durable, long lasting result. 

Product Features:


knurled door knobs

Available Now For Pre-Order

Our knurled door knobs are available to pre-order now, with delivery expected April 2021. We advise ordered ASAP as we only have a limited number of products available and they are selling quick! Simply choose your preferred finish and quantity then checkout as normal and we'll update you when your order is on it's way in April.  

Be The First To Save

We're also offering a huge 15% off our brand new designs too! Claim your 15% discount by using code: ICANWAIT at checkout when you place your pre-order.

Pre-Order The Connaught Mortice Knurled Door Knobs Here

Feeling Inspired?

If you're searching for more designs to update your interiors with, why not take a look at our other ranges of contemporary must haves? We feature a superb selection of industrial style door knobs, alongside our array of matching industrial style door handles. Or why not read some of our latest blog posts? You'll find plenty of interior inspiration to inspire your next project!

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  • Craig Scully

Our Customers Are Loving…..

Our Customers Are Loving….. We love seeing our customer’s projects and many of our clients have been showcasing their DIY talents over on Instagram lately.

Below are just some of the many looks that our customers have put together, and we’re sure you can agree, their interiors are looking superb, all featuring More4doors products of course!


@libbyrebekka has used our Knurled T Bar Cupboard Pull Handles in Satin Brass to upcycle this beautiful console. The gold of the handles match perfectly with the navy blue shade that she has chosen to paint the cupboard with. The before and after shots show quite the transformation and we think our gold handles make the perfect finishing touch to this outstanding DIY project. Our cupboard handles are available in a vast range of finishes, from satin brass to matte black, allowing you to find the perfect look for your next project. For upcycling tips, take a look at our guide below on renovating old furniture.

Read More: How To Upcycle Old Furniture


@renovating_no_15 have opted for our modern matte black handles for their ensuite. We think the stark contrast of the black handle against the wooden door is a perfect match for this contemporary look. The product used here is one of our matte black knurled handles, which you can find over in our extensive range of matte black door handles. Our favourite right now is the Burlington Range Piccadilly matt black Knurled Door Handle, a highly versatile design that would look great in any home.


@renoat_no.29 have installed another of our favourites, our Matte Black Beehive Door Knob. We love their bathroom transformation. The monochrome look with hints of grey is a beautifully modern aesthetic that our black beehive door knob matches with perfectly. Beehive door knobs are a superb choice as they complement both modern and traditional interiors. As well as matte black, we also supply other styles including satin brass, polished chrome and rosewood.


Another tremendous transformation featuring our matte black handles comes from @myfirstburrow. We’re loving the grey doors, a superb alternative to classic white. Our chic matte black knurled handles are a great match for the grey shade and add to the room’s contemporary feel. For more black and white design inspiration, read our guide on how to incorporate this must-have trend into your home.

Read More: Get The Look: Monochrome Interiors


Satin brass is definitely having a moment right now and we are loving our customers' use of these unique designs. @renovatingnumberfifteen has installed our Piccadilly Knurled Lever in Satin Brass against a beautifully painted door. The gold of the handle is an exquisite match for the teal shade, creating something a little different that we absolutely adore. More of our satin brass door handles can be found within our extensive collection. For tips and advice on choosing the right finish, check out our guide below.

Read More: Matching Your Door Handles To Your Decor

  • Craig Scully

2021 Interior Trends Predictions

As we come to the end of 2020, we can (hopefully) begin to look forward to a more cheerful new year. Putting the past 12 months behind us is something many of us can’t wait to do in a bid to try and move forward towards more positive times ahead. 

One thing which many of us will be looking forward to is trends for 2021. Although a lot of homeowners used their downtime this year to update their homes, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to interiors and the new year is set to bring with it a whole host of new design trends. 

So what is set to be big over the next 12 months? We take a look at some interior predictions for 2021. 


As you can imagine, hygiene is set to become even more prominent in our homes next year, and with many of us focusing much more on cleanliness during 2020, our interiors are set to incorporate this trend too. Furnishings and surfaces which are easy to clean will be the main focus here, as will colours which allow for the easy spotting of dirt and grime. We may also see a lot more focus on bathrooms, with many choosing to update their designs with hygiene at the forefront of their inspiration. 

DIY Furnishings

Many of us will have learnt a few extra DIY skills during the lockdown, so it’s expected that we will use these new talents to create DIY homeware. From knitting blankets and throws to upcycling antique furniture, 2021 may see a shift in people opting to make their furnishings as opposed to shopping for new additions to their home. 

Swapping Velvet For Linen 

Velvet has become a huge trend over recent years, but the fabric of choice going into 2021 will be linen. The relaxed, comforting and neutral feel of linen is set to be one of its biggest selling points, with more of us prioritising comfort when it comes to our home updates. Linen upholstery also offers itself as a versatile option too, fitting in well with many different trends and aesthetics. 

Expanding Rather Than Moving House

It’s no surprise that many will be putting off moving home in the coming year and opting to stay put and expand their current properties. A lot of those who were looking forward to upsizing in the coming year are now re-evaluating their plans, and instead, they’re looking at building extensions. We may even begin to see a rise in loft conversions moving into 2021, with homeowners utilising their current properties to expand on space as opposed to moving house.  

Sustainable Designs

2020 has seen an increase in many of us becoming more aware of our impact on the environment, and this ‘wokeness’ will soon start to influence our interior choices too. 2021 will see more homeowners opting for sustainable designs, including eco-friendly materials, second-hand items and longer-lasting products in a bid to try and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Bringing The Outdoors In

For some, 2020 was the year we took stock and spent a little more time appreciating our natural world. From spending more time enjoying our gardens to taking up walking and cycling, nature has been our constant during this crazy year, with many homeowners now wanting to bring the natural outdoors into their homes. Whether it’s potted plants or floral printed designs, it’s predicted that our new found love of nature will be more prevalent than ever next year. 

Mindful Interiors

The past few months have had a huge impact on our mental health, so it’s easy to see why mindful interiors will be another main focus over the coming year. Creating a tranquil space that not only looks good, but it also feels good too and will be at the forefront of home updates in 2021. Designing a space that serves your wellbeing and mental health will be very much a key concept in the new year. 

Small Tweaks

For those who were stuck for something to do during the lockdown, many of us took up DIY. So going into 2021, we may see a lot more homeowners focusing on smaller tweaks, with the majority of larger DIY jobs within their homes having already been completed. 

This shift towards more subtle additions may sound small, but it’s the little details that can make a huge difference. One such tweak is updating door furniture, where swapping outdated designs for something a little chicer can bring a whole new lease of life to a room. Upgrading of door handles, doorknobs and even hinges and locks are small yet significant changes that can be made in the home.

New Release From More4doors

Thinking of making some changes to your interiors this year? Why not try our brand new for 2021 knurled door knobs? Ideal for an instant update. These unique designs offer an ultra-modern look, perfect for an industrial inspired room. Available to pre-order now for April delivery. 


Remember to keep checking back on our blog over the coming year for tips and advice on re-creating the top interior trends and must-have looks!

  • Craig Scully
Christmas Decorations - Are We Done With Tradition?

Christmas Decorations - Are We Done With Tradition?

When we think of Christmas, most of us probably imagine homes decorated with rich reds and deep greens with a sprinkling of gold or silver. But what about rose gold or even grey? They may not be the most obvious choices, but more and more of us are opting for these alternative colours when it comes to purchasing our Christmas decorations. 

Rise In Demand For Alternative Decorations 

Over the last five years, searches related to ‘rose gold Christmas decorations’ has seen a huge increase, reaching over 30,000 in November last year. Similarly, we’ve also seen growth in searches for other colours, with ‘pink Christmas decorations’ and ‘blush Christmas decorations’ seeing high numbers of searches too. 

And it’s not just pink that’s seeing a rise in popularity. Grey has also become a much-loved choice, with searches for ‘grey Christmas decorations’ and even ‘grey Christmas trees’ rising in recent years.

There’s also been an increase in those looking for ‘navy Christmas decorations’ and even ‘black Christmas decorations’ too, with over 20,000 related searches in November 2019. 

Done With Tradition?

So have we fallen out of love for the classic red and green look? Some of us still associate these shades with the festive season, but many are seemingly choosing decorations which match their current decor as opposed to traditional colours. As we’ve seen in recent years, rose gold, greys and pinks have all become well-favoured colour schemes in households and it seems these trends are now becoming staple shades for our Christmas decorations too. 

As well as a change in colour choices, we’ve also seen other trends emerge with our festive decorations. 

Increase In Eco-conscious Consumers

With many of us becoming more and more aware of our impact on the environment, consumers are now re-considering their decoration choices with this in mind. Searches for ‘eco-friendly Christmas trees’ have seen substantial growth over the past five years, as have ‘eco-friendly Christmas decorations’ and looks set to be just as in demand this festive season too. 

Growth Of Christmas DIY-ers 

It seems many use this time of year to get creative and try their hand at crafts. Last year saw a huge increase in people wanting to dive into making homemade decorations, with a rise in searches for ‘DIY Christmas decorations’. With the run-up to this year’s festive season being a slightly different affair due to lockdown restrictions, this number could be set to increase further, with many using their extra time indoors to get crafty and create their decor. 

So what will your Christmas decorations look like this year? Are you a fan of traditional colour schemes for the festive season or are you opting for something a little different for 2020? 

Search Volume Data From
  • Craig Scully
New For 2020 - Gun Metal Grey Door Knobs

New For 2020 - Gun Metal Grey Door Knobs

2020 has been a big year for DIY and home interior updates and we're not done yet!

We're sure you home is looking its best right now, what with all the decorating you've all been doing during lockdown, but once you see our new designs you will be clambering to add just one more thing to your 2020 projects. 

New for this year are our industrial gun metal grey door knobs. These stunning designs are our latest releases and one we are rather excited about here at More4doors. 

As you can see, this exclusive design is in a reeded beehive shape, a favoured style of door knob by many, completed with an industrial grey finish. You may have seen grey industrial style knobs for cupboard doors or cabinets, but these mortice door knobs are a unique offering and not one we have seen very much of anywhere else.

Although we're calling it industrial gun metal grey, you may also refer to it as matte pewter or silver grey. Whatever shade you wish to call it, we think you can agree, it's a stunning finish that will offer a contemporary touch of style to any home, both modern and traditional. 

Product Details: 

  • 53mm Knobs, 58mm Rose, 74mm Projection
  • Unsprung so must be fitted using a heavy duty or double sprung mortice latch
  • Supplied as a pair with connective spindle and screws
  • Solid brass material
  • 10 year guarantee

These industrial gun metal grey door knobs aren't available just yet, but they will be available to purchase in late 2020. You can pre-order now and receive 20% off using the code: ICANWAIT at checkout. 

  • Craig Scully