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New For 2020 - Gun Metal Grey Door Knobs

New For 2020 - Gun Metal Grey Door Knobs

2020 has been a big year for DIY and home interior updates and we're not done yet!

We're sure you home is looking its best right now, what with all the decorating you've all been doing during lockdown, but once you see our new designs you will be clambering to add just one more thing to your 2020 projects. 

New for this year are our industrial gun metal grey door knobs. These stunning designs are our latest releases and one we are rather excited about here at More4doors. 

As you can see, this exclusive design is in a reeded beehive shape, a favoured style of door knob by many, completed with an industrial grey finish. You may have seen grey industrial style knobs for cupboard doors or cabinets, but these mortice door knobs are a unique offering and not one we have seen very much of anywhere else.

Although we're calling it industrial gun metal grey, you may also refer to it as matte pewter or silver grey. Whatever shade you wish to call it, we think you can agree, it's a stunning finish that will offer a contemporary touch of style to any home, both modern and traditional. 

Product Details: 

  • 53mm Knobs, 58mm Rose, 74mm Projection
  • Unsprung so must be fitted using a heavy duty or double sprung mortice latch
  • Supplied as a pair with connective spindle and screws
  • Solid brass material
  • 10 year guarantee

These industrial gun metal grey door knobs aren't available just yet, but they will be available to purchase in late 2020. You can pre-order now and receive 20% off using the code: ICANWAIT at checkout. 

  • Craig Scully

Our Customers Are Loving…..

Our Customers Are Loving….. We love seeing our customer’s projects and many of our clients have been showcasing their DIY talents over on Instagram lately.

Below are just some of the many looks that our customers have put together, and we’re sure you can agree, their interiors are looking superb, all featuring More4doors products of course!


@libbyrebekka has used our Knurled T Bar Cupboard Pull Handles in Satin Brass to upcycle this beautiful console. The gold of the handles match perfectly with the navy blue shade that she has chosen to paint the cupboard with. The before and after shots show quite the transformation and we think our gold handles make the perfect finishing touch to this outstanding DIY project. Our cupboard handles are available in a vast range of finishes, from satin brass to matte black, allowing you to find the perfect look for your next project. For upcycling tips, take a look at our guide below on renovating old furniture.

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@renovating_no_15 have opted for our modern matte black handles for their ensuite. We think the stark contrast of the black handle against the wooden door is a perfect match for this contemporary look. The product used here is one of our matte black knurled handles, which you can find over in our extensive range of matte black door handles. Our favourite right now is the Burlington Range Piccadilly matt black Knurled Door Handle, a highly versatile design that would look great in any home.

@reno_at_no.29 have installed another of our favourites, our Matte Black Beehive Door Knob. We love their bathroom transformation. The monochrome look with hints of grey is a beautifully modern aesthetic that our black beehive door knob matches with perfectly. Beehive door knobs are a superb choice as they complement both modern and traditional interiors. As well as matte black, we also supply other styles including satin brass, polished chrome and rosewood.


Another tremendous transformation featuring our matte black handles comes from @myfirstburrow. We’re loving the grey doors, a superb alternative to classic white. Our chic matte black knurled handles are a great match for the grey shade and add to the room’s contemporary feel. For more black and white design inspiration, read our guide on how to incorporate this must-have trend into your home.

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Satin brass is definitely having a moment right now and we are loving our customers' use of these unique designs. @renovatingnumberfifteen has installed our Piccadilly Knurled Lever in Satin Brass against a beautifully painted door. The gold of the handle is an exquisite match for the teal shade, creating something a little different that we absolutely adore. More of our satin brass door handles can be found within our extensive collection. For tips and advice on choosing the right finish, check out our guide below.

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  • Craig Scully
Product Highlight: Satin Brass Knurled Handles

Product Highlight: Satin Brass Knurled Handles

With more time being spent in the home, it seems that the recent lockdown has encouraged many of us to do a little DIY around the house. Sprucing up interiors and updating the decor has been a great activity for helping to pass the time, and what’s more, we get to enjoy the results and admire our handy work even more so now that we’re spending more time indoors. 

So what have people been doing to their homes? 

Well, the products which many of our customers have favoured recently are our Gold Knurled Handles. These unique designs really do help to make a statement in the home and are perfect for updating interiors with. 

Our most popular design has been the Frelan Hardware Piccadilly Knurled Lever Door Handle in Satin Brass. This superb product, from the Frelan Burlington Collection, is a versatile handle that looks great against all colour schemes. Below are some photos from customers who have installed this beautiful handle in their home. 

Black and Gold 

@renovatingnumberfifteen have used the handle against a white door within a black and gold themed room. The design compliments the aesthetic beautifully, a perfect addition to their contemporary decor that combines white, black and gold with hints of green. 



Another shining example of how our gold knurled handle can be incorporated into a modern home. @renovatingnumberfifteen have paired our knurled gold lever with a teal painted wall and door. The satin brass colour of the handle matches perfectly with this stunning shade and perfectly twins with the light switch too. 




Another colour which shows just how versatile these gold knurled handles really are is grey. @renovatingnumberfifteen have combined a grey painted banister with white walls and our satin brass knurled lever handle, to create a beautiful and welcoming staircase. 


Our Frelan Hardware Piccadilly Knurled Lever Door Handle in Satin Brass is just one of the many gold knurled handles that we have to offer. As well as door handles, we also stock knurled cabinet and cupboard handles in a stunning satin brass too. These unique designs are perfect if you want to update your kitchen cupboards or looking to renovate some ageing furniture. Take a look at our guide on how to upcycle old furniture for tips on turning something old into something new.

  • Craig Scully
Just 10% Of Homeowners To Improve Home Security While Burglaries Rise 68%

Just 10% Of Homeowners To Improve Home Security While Burglaries Rise 68%

A recent survey has found that just 10% of people are planning to replace or repair locks or add more security to their homes in 2020. 

The data showed that almost all of those asked were not planning any kind of work to their home security. This could be linked to a lack of need in repairing or replacing locks around the property, or it could be linked to homeowners not prioritising it as something they wish to spend money on over the coming year. 

This comes after finding a number of household crime statistics, which showed that the properties most likely to experience crime were semi-detached houses. While flats and maisonettes were the least likely. The same data also details household crime reports from around the UK, with the North West having the highest numbers, compared to the North East which had the least.  

We also found that students saw the lowest numbers of household crime as opposed to the employed who experienced the most and that those aged between 45 and 54 were the most likely to be victims of household crime. When comparing males and females, it was males who saw the most household crime, with over 20,000 reported cases in Q1 of 2019. 

This Is Money recently some of the worst areas for household crime, with Birmingham being the hardest hit. The Times also reported that burglaries in the UK have risen by 68% since Boris Johnson took up his constituency. 

It's essential to have your locks and home security in good working order to help prevent the likelihood of experiencing household crime, but the latest figures show that most homeowners are not planning any kind of work on their household security over the coming months. 

National body, Neighbourhood Watch, explains that most burglaries are carried out by opportunists that look for properties which are lacking in security. They also state that costs incurred when taking measures to protect the home, such as installing new locks, should be seen as an investment to help improve your peace of mind and keep your property safe from a break-in. 

If you are thinking of upgrading or repairing your home security, including locks. Be sure to keep in mind the following - 

  • Ensure that any work carried out complies with relevant regulations. Exterior locks or 5 lever locks should adhere to British Standard 3621. This can be found on the kitemark which is usually stamped on the faceplate of the locking mechanism. 
  • If your household insurance covers break-ins, be sure to read the small print. Many insurance companies require that the home be fitted with specific insurance-rated locks, so it is worth double-checking this to ensure you are fully covered if anything does happen. 
  • If you are renting a property and notice any issues with your locks, report to your landlord as soon as possible. They should be aware of any problems with your household security and is often their responsibility to repair this for you. 
  • Check the date of installation of your locks. Even if they appear to be in good working order, they may be old or out of standard, so check that they are still in accordance with current regulations. 

Other tips to help deter a burglar include - 

  • It goes without saying, but never leave doors or windows unlocked when you are out. 
  • Don’t leave spare keys in plain sight, near windows or where they can be seen from the outside.
  • Always remove post or junk mail from the letterbox. If leaflets or letters are hanging out of your letterbox, this can be a sign that you aren’t home. 
  • Keep curtains and blinds open during the day. If they are closed burglars may think you aren’t home. 
  • Keep expensive items out of sight of windows if possible. Jewellery, laptops and tablets should be hidden away 

Data/Info sources -


  • Craig Scully

Our Move To New Premises - Christmas 2018

We Are Moving..........................
  • Ankit R
Cutting Edge Satin Copper Hinges, Door Knobs & Handles Now Available

Cutting Edge Satin Copper Hinges, Door Knobs & Handles Now Available

Trending Now - Satin Copper Urban Finish Architectural Ironmongery.

For Autumn 2018 we have introduced to market a fantastic range of Copper Door Furniture. This finish is already proving a hit with many clients and we have already been specified for supply at several ironmongery projects around the UK. 

We supply Copper Door Handles from most leading UK manufacturers such as Carlisle Brass, Access Hardware and now the Italian designed and manufactured  'Forme' range by Atlantic UK Hardware. 

Keeping up to date with the latest designs is a job in itself but so far we have received nothing but super positive results and it looks as though the Copper finish is going to stay 'On Trend' for some time.