Landing Decor Ideas & Inspiration

The landing, by its very nature, sits between spaces in your home. It offers passage between other areas that are deemed “important” or “useful”, but there’s no reason why your landing shouldn’t also be regarded as such. 

The More4Doors team have put together some landing decor ideas and inspiration to transform an empty or defunct area into a space that works for your home and your family. 

Design a Gallery Space

If you’ve got ample wall space on your landing and have plenty of paintings, posters and prints to spare, why not create a gallery area? 

There’s perhaps no better means of drawing the eye and designing something that shifts your landing from boring to brilliant with a few simple changes. With a gallery space, you’re able to achieve pops of colour and pattern without redecorating a whole area, and what’s more, you don’t even have to start hammering into walls either.

By leaning art against walls (floor space pending) or on shelves, you’re able to avoid any lasting damage and still create an interesting area to enjoy. 


Create An Organised Micro Office

One of the most popular means of converting an unused landing space into a useful area is with the addition of a small home office, often referred to as a ‘micro office’. 

You’re able to easily tuck a desk away into most recesses or even under the eaves of a roof, giving yourself an unassuming yet ultimately usable space in which to work. If wall space permits it, shelves are a brilliant way to get the most out of your home’s landing, and if you have a little more room to play with, why not incorporate cupboards too?

Under-desk storage can be hand built or repurposed from elsewhere, and with the addition of some impactful cupboard handles, you’re able to effortlessly match your new landing area micro office to the surrounding interior door handles and doorknobs.


Fashion a Reading Nook

This option is especially popular for families with children, where creating a small space for reading and relaxing in seclusion is a sought after choice of a makeover for many landing spaces. 

This can be something as simple as a pile of books and a pouffe or a more grandiose design, incorporating the likes of bookcases and benches or perhaps your favourite squishy armchair. 

What’s key here is to create a cosy corner that invites people in to read while also eliminating an otherwise unused space from your house, converting it into a little recreational haven.

Transform Your Landing to Match Your Decor

Another important (perhaps obvious) decorating idea is to transform your landing to match the theme of your decor. 

All too often do homeowners disregard the look of their landing, overlooking it as an unimportant space, where in fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The landing works in tandem with the rest of your interior to create one cohesive space, so it pays to reflect this in your decor design with correlating door furniture.

For instance, if you’ve opted for an industrial theme, it’s best to complete this look with industrial doorknobs. A more traditional style will benefit from the inclusion of bronze door handles, while contemporary interiors look great with the addition of black nickel and satin nickel

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