Getting Organised: Tips & Tricks for Your Home


Now more than ever, we’re spending an increased amount of time in our homes. As you’ll most likely already know (especially if you’ve got a family), it doesn’t take long before your house becomes a little chaotic and cluttered. 

Thankfully, there are some simple ways to decrease your organisational woes. The More4Doors team have put together a list of keep-tidy tips and tricks for your home. 

First things first, the fridge

The fridge is the centrepiece in the hub of your home: the kitchen. With constant activity and plenty of use, your kitchen area (and the fridge in particular) can soon become messy and in need of some major attention. 

Adding storage containers and compartmentalising areas of your fridge will soon clear the muddle and make your life a whole lot easier. 

Clear your worktop clutter

With such a large amount of surface area on offer, it’s all too easy to allow your worktops to become a temporary home for all kinds of clutter. Whether that’s something as small as your keys or a purse or more sizeable objects such as bags and boxes, these things soon take over and make the room noticeably untidy. 

We suggest making sure that the likes of the aforementioned objects find their way to their rightful place, while proper kitchen items such as utensils can be stowed away in containers, drawers or even on the wall or hung from hooks. 

Organise your cupboards and make them accessible

If your cupboards are overcrowded or hard to get into, the likelihood is that you’re going to be less willing to use them and more prone to dumping things on the likes of those worktops we mentioned earlier. 

To avoid this, make sure that everything has it’s home in your cupboards; for instance, glasses, cups and mugs might live in one cupboard, while canned goods and spices take up space in another. 

Another thing, cupboards are prone to become a little worse for wear through regular use. If you’re avoiding using a cupboard because it’s hanging off its hinges or you struggle to open it – address the issue! A quick switch out of cupboard knobs or pull handles will make all the difference and deem your cupboards fit for action again.

Learn to love listing and labelling

When it comes to getting organised, lists and labels really can be your best friend. Though these means are incredibly simple, there’s a reason that they’ve stuck around over the years and are still just as useful to this day! 

Creating a list in a high-traffic area of the home where it’s likely to be seen will remind everyone of their responsibilities, appointments and any odd jobs that need doing. Whether you focus this around daily tasks, monthly reminders or even yearly goals, it’s great to have a visual cue around. 

When it comes to labelling, go as sticker-mad as you like or take the more subdued approach – the choice is yours and ultimately it’s a case of whatever works best for you! Labelling up the likes of salt and sugar on your kitchen jars is an easy way to avoid some potentially unpleasant confusion while signposting your storage will save valuable time when called upon, rather than rooting through endless shoe boxes and containers. 

Searching for more everyday tips, DIY tricks and handy product advice? Head over to our More4Doors guides.

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