5 Energy-Saving Tips for Your Home


As we spend more time at home and we aim to reduce the impact of our energy consumption on the planet, many people are looking for ways to save on usage and reduce their carbon footprint as well as ease finances. 

More4doors have looked at ways in which you can make your home a little greener as well as saving money with our five simple energy-saving tips for your home.

Turn off the lights when you leave the room

This one seems simple, but the most simple means are often the best! Getting into the habit of turning off the lights when you’re not using them or the room your in is a great way to save on energy. 

Once you’re accustomed to switching off your lights, you’ll soon start to notice the pounds drop off your monthly bills and you’ll feel a whole lot better about your carbon footprint too. 


Unplug your devices

Most of us are guilty of this. Unplugging devices such as televisions when not in use or leaving things on standby is commonplace when it comes to addressing energy usage. 

Though it may seem trivial, and the task of unplugging or turning off devices is tiresome and not worth your time, it can make a lot of difference. Taking five minutes out of your evening to turn off the socket before you head to bed will see you notice a difference in your energy bill. 

Close doors and ensure there are no drafts

One of the main causes of heat loss (and subsequently more expensive energy bills) are the doors of your home. If your doors aren’t shutting properly or are letting in a draft, this can soon make a noticeable difference to the amount of money you’re spending each month to heat your home. 

To combat this, ensure that you shut doors where possible, your external door hinges are in check and any locks and latches are functioning properly. Even small jobs such as replacing a letterplate or the addition of a keyhole cover can make a difference to heat loss in your home. For more information on how to change door hinges without a hitch, read our guide.

Reduce your water usage

 A biggy when it comes to reducing your bills is water usage. Ask yourself; do you really need to run that bath today? Why not take a quick shower instead? And of course, when you’re brushing your teeth – remember to turn off the tap rather than leaving it running! 

These simple steps can go a long way to you leaving less of an environmental impact and save you more in the process too. 


Wash your clothes at a lower temperature

Last on our five simple steps is one that many people already do, but one that’s most certainly still worth a mention. Washing your clothes at a lower temperature such as 30℃ (washing machine permitting) can save significant amounts and save you energy too.

You should also try to wash a full load where possible rather than opting for little and often. Doing this means that you’re able to tackle your washing pile in one swoop rather than using excessive energy on more frequent loads throughout the week. 



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