Get The Look: Industrial Decor

Get The Look: Industrial Decor

The industrial look has become a popular choice amongst those searching for a decor update. Warehouse inspired aesthetics and a stripped back look is a trending theme which many are choosing when updating their homes. 

Key features that encompass the look include exposed brick and pipework, along with a neutral colour palette, filament lighting and minimalist furnishings. These distinctive details create a room full of varying textures and patterns, resulting in a contemporary feel that works in both traditional or modern homes. 

Design Elements


The industrial trend is inspired by history. Think old warehouses, turn of the century factories and open plan loft spaces. Many of these aged buildings have long been out of action, leaving them empty and available for property development. A large number of these warehouses have since been converted into living spaces, creating modern apartments and contemporary flats, resulting in an attractive look that many have tried to replicate in their homes.  


Many materials are common with this particular trend, including aged or exposed metals. Look for copper, iron, black piping and galvanised tubes. As well as being used for actual plumping, many have opted to repurpose old pipe fittings as shelving brackets and table legs. Wood is also a major player when it comes to the industrial look, especially rustic, natural or distressed styles. The more rugged the better. 

Walls -

Exposed brick is probably the most recognisable element of industrial decor. If you can’t strip back your current walls, look for brick print wallpaper. There’s also the option of concrete effect wallpapers and murals if you want a grey aesthetic. 


When choosing colours for an industrial look, think neutral shades such as browns, blacks and greys. Rust orange is also a key hue to include, plus dark greens and navy can also work as accent colours. A touch of yellow can add a little vibrancy to the room too and if you want to bring some prints into the mix, opt for geometric patterns and stripes. 


Look out for pieces which feature angular shapes, clean lines and dark accents. Furniture made with rustic wood or black metal is key here as well as aged leather and suede. Try and hunt down repurposed furniture, keeping an eye out for retro styles. When choosing your lighting, look for fittings with filament or Edison style bulbs. 

Which Room?

The industrial look is one often favoured by those wanting to create a functional space, such as a home office or dining area, but it can be incorporated into any room of the home. The theme works especially well in small spaces due to its minimalist features, helping to create a more spacious feel. If you want to add a cosy feel, simply accessorise with a few soft furnishings, rugs and plants. 

Door Furniture

Updating your home with industrial-inspired door furniture is a small yet significant way to incorporate this trend. When searching for industrial door handles or industrial door knobs, look for matte black designs, knurled levers and angled shapes. Pewter finishes also work well with this trend, as would distressed silver and graphite styles. Gunmetal grey door knobs are a relatively new addition to the door furniture world, but one that is sure to become a popular choice among those recreating this trend. 

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