The Cottagecore Trend: Get The Look

The Cottagecore Trend: Get The Look

Many of us have taken advantage of being indoors a lot more this year and used the time to update our homes and spruce up our interiors. We’ve seen many trends that have been incorporated into homes across the country, and one of those trends is Cottagecore. Quite a unique trend but one that is easy to bring into the home this winter. 

What Is Cottagecore? 

Cottagecore encompasses designs inspired by rural aesthetics. With comfort and simplicity being the key elements here, having traditional countryside themed interiors is the main look to aim for. 

Cottagecore has very similar qualities to the popular Hygge trend, which we saw a huge rise in interest a few years ago. Hygge was all about creating a relaxed atmosphere in the home, concentrating on comfort and contentment, aspects which encompass Cottagecore too. 

Why Choose Cottagecore?

Many are opting to bring Cottagecore into their homes for the comfort aspect. With most of us spending more time indoors, it’s understandable that we want to create a cosy feel in the home at the moment. With many of us taking the past few months as an opportunity to ‘slow-down’ and turn more towards ‘slow living’, Cottagecore goes hand in hand with this change in attitudes towards our lifestyles. 

Updating your interiors to create a more comforting environment could be a great way to help improve your mood during what is proving to be a stressful time for most. Whether it’s your home office or your family kitchen, Cottagecore can bring that much-needed feel of comfort and relaxation into your household. 

How To Get The Cottagecore Look?

So how exactly can you incorporate this trend into your current interiors? Even if you’re not looking for a full overhaul of your home, Cottagecore can still be brought into your home with just a few small tweaks here and there. 

  • Nature 
  • Cottagecore is heavily influenced by country living, so nature is a great place to start. Bringing the outdoors into your home in the form of plants, pebbles and even pine cones, not only introduces this sought after trend into your interiors but can help towards a more relaxed feeling environment. 

    Wooden furniture is another nature-inspired element that can add to the Cottagecore aesthetic. Pay particular attention to reclaimed or aged wood designs, bringing a more traditional look and feel into the home. Upcycling furniture or bringing an old piece back to life is another key activity of slow-living. Whether it’s painting a wooden chair or replacing cupboard handles on a vintage cabinet, repurposing old furniture is a great way to achieve the Cottagecore look. 

  • Warmth and Comfort
  • Now we’re not talking about putting the heating up, but bringing a feeling of warmth and comfort into your home is another key aspect of this popular trend. Cosy interiors and homeware such as soft blankets, rugs and cushions in earthy tones with a rustic touch are essential for this particular trend. Cosying up in front of the fireplace wrapped up in these soft furnishings is what Cottagecore living is all about. 

    And if you’re aren’t lucky enough to have a real roaring fire in your home, then a few candles dotted around the room is a great way to recreate the charm of a traditional cottage. 

  • Forego Technology 
  • In today’s modern world, it’s difficult to avoid technology altogether, but aiming to reduce your usage of smartphones, tablets and televisions is one way to embrace the Cottagecore trend. It’s all about going back to the traditional, turning off the TV and opting for a hobby that doesn’t require technology is what this lifestyle is all about. 

    In terms of interiors, most of us will have televisions as the focal point of our living rooms, or computers as the main element of our home offices. But shifting this focus more towards the more comforting areas of these rooms is key to creating that relaxed atmosphere. 

  • Period Features
  • If you already own a period property, then you’ll probably have a lot of Cottagecore inspired interiors already. Classic features such as real wood flooring and big bay windows will complement this trend perfectly, but your home can still benefit from small additions which are in-keeping with your aesthetic. Our guide on updating door furniture in a period property will show you how to refurbish your door furniture whilst maintaining that traditional feel. 

    If you own a more recently built property, you may not necessarily have these design aspects in your home, but with a few small tweaks, you can still create the feel of a more traditional build. Updating your door furniture with period-inspired designs is a great place to start. Black antique door handles and pewter door knobs are ideal finishes for Cottagecore, as are antique brass doorknobs and handles. 

    For further tips on bringing trends into your home, take a look at our other guides for more interior inspiration.

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