Get the Look: Nature-Inspired Décor

Get the Look: Nature-Inspired Décor
Whatever your style, most people look to inject a little nature into their home – no matter how intricate or bold the additions. Whether that’s something as simple as small succulent plants or an extravagant interior centrepiece, there are plenty of ways in which you can give your home a more natural feel.

To give you some ideas as well as some fantastic door furniture pointers, we’ve put together a list that’ll allow you to get the look and transform your space with some nature-inspired décor.


Perhaps the most adaptable and eye-catching of natural materials, wood is a versatile option that affords you plenty of different avenues to explore and lots of inspiration for your interior too.

Wood will work very well with both neutral and bold colours as well as a whole host of other materials in your decor, from paint and wallpaper to brick and stone, and it’s also available in a huge array of finishes too.

Whether you opt for exposed beams that show all of their knots and grains or a super-smooth, sleek satin finish for a contemporary feel, there is no limit to the advantages of this marvellous natural material. When it comes to your doors, why not opt for something with a little texture such as mortice door knobs?



Stone comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but whichever type you choose, there’s no denying the rustic and earthy feel or the sleek and modern look this material can bestow upon your decor.

Stone can provide a fantastic backdrop for other natural touches such as plants and the aforementioned wood, all of which work together to cosy up any room and give a nod to nature too. We’re big fans of exposed brick fireplaces for the ultimate in ramping up your cosy factor to 11.

That’s not to say that introducing stone into your decor has to be done on a grander scale though. Little touches such as rock piles, stone planters or ornaments are just as effective when it comes to injecting some nature into your interior. As for your door furniture, why not go for the likes of a pewter door handle on round rose?


One of the most (if not the most) popular means of escapism is a trip to the ocean or a beach holiday by the sea, so why not introduce this force of nature into your home’s interior too?

With just a few minor additions, you’re able to totally transform the look and feel of your interior into a breezy, stress-free beach house style room. What’s more, this look can be achieved on the cheap!

You’re able to collect shells and sand from any nearby local beach and display them together or separately, while soft linens, whites and pastille blues can quickly breathe new life into a tired colour scheme.


Maybe the most obvious means of achieving a nature-inspired decor is to include plants in your interior. Whether this involves adding a full-sized indoor dwelling tree or small succulents and planters, the results achieved when factoring in some foliage can be dramatic.

Of course, you must pay close attention to the environment in your space, in particular the amount of light and heat a plant will get. Different indoor plants require different levels of light and warmth to thrive and grow, so always check the species’ label or requirements online first.


Natural Light

Often overlooked, natural light itself is a great way to inject some much-needed nature into your home’s interior. Light is the best possible mood-booster, and so ensuring that your living space is flooded with as much of it as possible is key.

Open up your windows as much as possible and avoid placing any obstructions in front of them. If you’re fortunate enough to have a skylight, allow it to sing! Skylights, especially in kitchens, are a great way to allow natural light into the home.

If you find yourself struggling to invite natural light into your space, why not explore the advantages that mirrors have to offer? Cleverly placed mirrors allow you to bend light around spaces, so as well as looking great, they can make a room appear lighter and bigger too!

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