Christmas Decorations - Are We Done With Tradition?

Christmas Decorations - Are We Done With Tradition?

When we think of Christmas, most of us probably imagine homes decorated with rich reds and deep greens with a sprinkling of gold or silver. But what about rose gold or even grey? They may not be the most obvious choices, but more and more of us are opting for these alternative colours when it comes to purchasing our Christmas decorations. 

Rise In Demand For Alternative Decorations 

Over the last five years, searches related to ‘rose gold Christmas decorations’ has seen a huge increase, reaching over 30,000 in November last year. Similarly, we’ve also seen growth in searches for other colours, with ‘pink Christmas decorations’ and ‘blush Christmas decorations’ seeing high numbers of searches too. 

And it’s not just pink that’s seeing a rise in popularity. Grey has also become a much-loved choice, with searches for ‘grey Christmas decorations’ and even ‘grey Christmas trees’ rising in recent years.

There’s also been an increase in those looking for ‘navy Christmas decorations’ and even ‘black Christmas decorations’ too, with over 20,000 related searches in November 2019. 

Done With Tradition?

So have we fallen out of love for the classic red and green look? Some of us still associate these shades with the festive season, but many are seemingly choosing decorations which match their current decor as opposed to traditional colours. As we’ve seen in recent years, rose gold, greys and pinks have all become well-favoured colour schemes in households and it seems these trends are now becoming staple shades for our Christmas decorations too. 

As well as a change in colour choices, we’ve also seen other trends emerge with our festive decorations. 

Increase In Eco-conscious Consumers

With many of us becoming more and more aware of our impact on the environment, consumers are now re-considering their decoration choices with this in mind. Searches for ‘eco-friendly Christmas trees’ have seen substantial growth over the past five years, as have ‘eco-friendly Christmas decorations’ and looks set to be just as in demand this festive season too. 

Growth Of Christmas DIY-ers 

It seems many use this time of year to get creative and try their hand at crafts. Last year saw a huge increase in people wanting to dive into making homemade decorations, with a rise in searches for ‘DIY Christmas decorations’. With the run-up to this year’s festive season being a slightly different affair due to lockdown restrictions, this number could be set to increase further, with many using their extra time indoors to get crafty and create their decor. 

So what will your Christmas decorations look like this year? Are you a fan of traditional colour schemes for the festive season or are you opting for something a little different for 2020? 

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