2021 Interior Trends Predictions

As we come to the end of 2020, we can (hopefully) begin to look forward to a more cheerful new year. Putting the past 12 months behind us is something many of us can’t wait to do in a bid to try and move forward towards more positive times ahead. 

One thing which many of us will be looking forward to is trends for 2021. Although a lot of homeowners used their downtime this year to update their homes, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to interiors and the new year is set to bring with it a whole host of new design trends. 

So what is set to be big over the next 12 months? We take a look at some interior predictions for 2021. 


As you can imagine, hygiene is set to become even more prominent in our homes next year, and with many of us focusing much more on cleanliness during 2020, our interiors are set to incorporate this trend too. Furnishings and surfaces which are easy to clean will be the main focus here, as will colours which allow for the easy spotting of dirt and grime. We may also see a lot more focus on bathrooms, with many choosing to update their designs with hygiene at the forefront of their inspiration. 

DIY Furnishings

Many of us will have learnt a few extra DIY skills during the lockdown, so it’s expected that we will use these new talents to create DIY homeware. From knitting blankets and throws to upcycling antique furniture, 2021 may see a shift in people opting to make their furnishings as opposed to shopping for new additions to their home. 

Swapping Velvet For Linen 

Velvet has become a huge trend over recent years, but the fabric of choice going into 2021 will be linen. The relaxed, comforting and neutral feel of linen is set to be one of its biggest selling points, with more of us prioritising comfort when it comes to our home updates. Linen upholstery also offers itself as a versatile option too, fitting in well with many different trends and aesthetics. 

Expanding Rather Than Moving House

It’s no surprise that many will be putting off moving home in the coming year and opting to stay put and expand their current properties. A lot of those who were looking forward to upsizing in the coming year are now re-evaluating their plans, and instead, they’re looking at building extensions. We may even begin to see a rise in loft conversions moving into 2021, with homeowners utilising their current properties to expand on space as opposed to moving house.  

Sustainable Designs

2020 has seen an increase in many of us becoming more aware of our impact on the environment, and this ‘wokeness’ will soon start to influence our interior choices too. 2021 will see more homeowners opting for sustainable designs, including eco-friendly materials, second-hand items and longer-lasting products in a bid to try and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Bringing The Outdoors In

For some, 2020 was the year we took stock and spent a little more time appreciating our natural world. From spending more time enjoying our gardens to taking up walking and cycling, nature has been our constant during this crazy year, with many homeowners now wanting to bring the natural outdoors into their homes. Whether it’s potted plants or floral printed designs, it’s predicted that our new found love of nature will be more prevalent than ever next year. 

Mindful Interiors

The past few months have had a huge impact on our mental health, so it’s easy to see why mindful interiors will be another main focus over the coming year. Creating a tranquil space that not only looks good, but it also feels good too and will be at the forefront of home updates in 2021. Designing a space that serves your wellbeing and mental health will be very much a key concept in the new year. 

Small Tweaks

For those who were stuck for something to do during the lockdown, many of us took up DIY. So going into 2021, we may see a lot more homeowners focusing on smaller tweaks, with the majority of larger DIY jobs within their homes having already been completed. 

This shift towards more subtle additions may sound small, but it’s the little details that can make a huge difference. One such tweak is updating door furniture, where swapping outdated designs for something a little chicer can bring a whole new lease of life to a room. Upgrading of door handles, doorknobs and even hinges and locks are small yet significant changes that can be made in the home.

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Remember to keep checking back on our blog over the coming year for tips and advice on re-creating the top interior trends and must-have looks!

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