Choosing the right internal door handles for your home...

Choosing the right internal door handles for your home...

Deciding which internal door handles to choose in your home may feel like a simple decision, but once you start looking you'll realise there are hundreds of products on the market, each of them with their own benefits and features. Suddenly you're faced with the decision of needing to choose between different styles, finishes and models - as well as varying price ranges, product lines, and brands. So how do you decide on what to buy, and what are the most popular choices?

Create a budget

Firstly, it's important to consider your budget. This will play the greatest influence in what you opt for. You need to set a realistic budget that you're comfortable with paying. It's crucial that you also bear in mind how many doors you will need to be fitting with internal door handles, remembering that you also need to have one handle on either side of the door.

Often these will come in the packs together, but always double check. As well as counting how many you'll need, make a note of which doors need key locks or bathroom locks. These can either be bought separately or will be part of the internal door handle packs that you purchase. Often they will cost slightly more if they're included, and therefore this will affect your budget.

Design considerations

Secondly, take time to think about your design aesthetic. Are you looking for something that is purely functional? Do you want it to be a classic design or more modern? Are you interested in chrome, brass or gold? Do you prefer shiny or polished metal? Are you attracted to more rectangular, squared-off shapes or do you like curved, circular handles? When making these considerations, it's also important to consider what the rest of the room will look like.

For example, if your bathroom has chrome fittings (i.e. taps, shower heads, etc) then it makes sense for the doors to match. However, if you're going to have different colours around the house, you'll have to bear in mind that they won't all match. It's best to be consistent with your choice, so you may find that the design of some rooms will dictate what you go for straight away.

It's not just the style of the rooms that matters, but what your house looks like too. In a traditional property, modern handles may not work - and the same vice versa, where Victorian brass or black antique door handles may look unusual in a contemporary house. At More 4 Doors, we have a wide variety of hugely popular handles to choose from (see below), meaning nothing is too far from the realms of possibility.

Usability is key

Finally, it's important to consider who will be using the handles. If you have young children in the house, you'll probably want something that is hard-working, good quality yet easy-to-use. This is especially the case if you're going to need to clean these handles frequently from dirty finger prints. Stainless steel or chrome will show marks much easier than brushed stainless steel handles or brushed chrome. If you opt for a combination of brushed and polished finishes, this will also be faster to clean than it being only polished.

It's also important to look at how easy they will be to hold and pull down, and where you position them on the door. If they're at the same height as your child's head or eyes, you won't want anything that has a pointed or sharp lever as this could hurt if they catch themselves on it. The same applies if someone in your home has arthritis or struggles to use their hands - they need to be able to grip the internal door handles effectively, and narrow levers or ones without a curve at the end may be harder for them to operate.

With all of this in mind, here are some of the most popular ranges at More 4 Doors:

Popular ranges

Charlston art deco door knobs by m.marcus from the heritage brass rang

Art deco door furniture is very current at the moment, looks fantastic on the door, such a statement, we get clients usually referring their friends and family as they do look impressive. Quite a niche market

Jade door handle on round rose (one of our own handles)

Consistently our best selling handle, low price, budget-pleasing and looks super modern when fitted. Very durable lever on round rose, low maintenance, not much cleaning required as the hand grip part of handle is satin finish. If it was polished, it tends to pick up fingerprints galore. Popular with developers and diy.

Petra door handles on round rose

Plain, simple design appeals to minimalist types due to its unfussy appearance. Available in many different finishes, a safe practical choice.

Dakota door handles

Dual finish black nickel and chrome, popular and current for those after a super contemporary finish to their doors, very eye-catching and something totally different to the usual chrome or brushed metal door handles.

Eros carbon fibre door handles from zoo hardware

Next generation handles, just shipped some out to a site in california for a project there. Top end price but quality and durability, as well as sleek lines makes it a design people will love.

Jv437 mitred door handles on backplate

Multi-functional and easy to fit, modern in design, some people don't like to fit door handles on rose. Handles on backplate are making a comeback. Used mostly in a residential property. Currently on special offer.

Waldorf art deco period door handles on back plate

Same art deco style as above - however this is a lever version rather than a knob version. Some customers prefer levers as they find knobs hard to twist.

Elisse door handles from atlantic uk

Eye-catching design, they really stand out and make an impression. Satin nickel and polished dual finish, from the senza pari range by atlantic hardware.

Foglia italian levers on square rose from atlantic uk

Levers on square rose becoming more popular and we tend to sell more to a male audience rather than female customers strangely. Urban look and our suppliers are bringing more square rose designs in to stock rather than round rose.

Corsica handles from the mediterranean range again by atlantic uk hardware -

Atlantic hardware's top selling lever.

Zoo hardware 'vesta' door handles on round rose

Great looking lever from a good supplier renown for the quality of their products.

Stainless steel handles on square rose from the frelan hardware 'jedo' collection

Stainless handles, very popular in commercial projects such, stainless steel handles specified often for fire doors by architects and designers. One of the latest models in our stainless range. Looks great when fitted with matching square accessories and stainless steel bearing hinges.

Complete door handle pack - ideal for those who are unsure what they need

We brought complete packs online a few years ago to help clients who are unsure or confused about what latches, locks and hinges they require. Since we did they have proved so popular. I make them up to order and can do virtually any design as a complete pack.

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