Your guide to choosing the best kitchen door handles

Your guide to choosing the best kitchen door handles

Did you know, the average cost of a brand new kitchen in the UK is around £5,000?*

That's a lot of money and while some more dated kitchens may be in desperate need of a full renovation, others may not require such drastic measures (or such eye-watering costs).

Many kitchens can be updated by simply adding new doors or handles to the cupboards and cabinets. This is a very popular and often much cheaper way to bring a new lease of life into your kitchen. 

Choosing the perfect door handles for your kitchen doors may seem like a simple process. For some, it's just the trivial work after your current project is due to finish, but for others, it's the decision that can make or break a renovation. Handles are considered the final touch to kitchen doors, whether your kitchen style is traditional, vintage, contemporary or something in between. Door handles come in a variety of different materials and finishes and can really help to establish the style and mood of the space you're hoping to create. Therefore it's essential you choose the perfect handles for your doors and cabinets. To help you on your way we've put together an easy guide to choosing the best kitchen door handles for your project.

Doors or handles first?

Depending on the individual, in some situations, you may find yourself deciding on the handles before you actually choose your new doors. A beautiful set of handles may have previously caught your eye and you decided to base your complete kitchen design around them. Whilst this may seem like an uncommon decision, it's actually not as unusual as you'd think, especially with how spoilt for choice we are nowadays. Take Swarovski bars and knobs as an example: since these are studded with stunning crystals, you know they'd look fantastic on black gloss cabinets. In most cases, however, you will choose your handles after you have decided on the style and material of your door first.

Top things to consider when choosing kitchen door handles

Quality and functionality

Arguably, these are the two most important factors when choosing the perfect kitchen door handles. It's important to ensure your handles are both well designed and of good quality. Consider how many times you will open and close your kitchen door, cabinets, drawers etc. You will need your handles to be both stylish and comfortable. Also, consider whether the handles have the correct grip for those using your kitchen; for example, older people who may have arthritis in their fingers may need an easier-to-grip handle. Test out your door handles and check how easy the grip is and how it feels in your hand.

Hygienic and easy to clean

Consider the age range of your family members. Germs are passed easily via door handles, but when you have children running around, they can be spread even quicker. Consider kitchen door handles that don't 'show' dirt easily, such as a darker colour, and which are easy to clean; a kitchen is already difficult to maintain, don't make life more stressful for yourself.

Overall kitchen style

The choice of door handle should complement your overall kitchen design. If you are opting for a vintage-style kitchen theme, then great choices are cremone bolts which are knob systems that use vertical rods that slide to lock, or classic back plates which work with an antique-themed kitchen design. If you are heading down the contemporary design route, then glass door handles are a great option as they can add a touch of sparkle to any kitchen. If you're ready to find the perfect kitchen door handles or cupboard door knobs for your kitchen, then why not check out our range at More 4 Doors. With lots to choose from, we're certain you'll find the perfect kitchen door handles to match your kitchen design.

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